No, it’s OK, I can read my calendar, honest. As promised elsewhere, here is a poem I wrote ages ago and wanted to share with you lot. It’s mainly based on one particular night a few years ago, then got oh-so-romantically renamed when I got together with someone one November evening, and then got unceremoniously changed back because it was a silly idea to change it in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if there’s such a difference between October and November nights – I think it’s the change in the kind of cold that you feel when you’re out at night, and how much you feel you need your coat. For me, October is the time to play chicken, and see how long I can hold out with just a jumper. It’s easier when there’s someone to hug. Anyway, enough rambling. I hope you enjoy the poem – I’m dead nervous about posting it up and it’s taken ages to muster the stones to do it, so please be extra nice!



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